Custom designed umbrellas

Fully custom-made advertising umbrellas —

About umbrellas

Umbrellas are not only rain protectors but often serve as an important advertising media with large printing areas. The special production umbrellas characterize your company and offer practically unlimited creative freedom, including all details from the color of your fabric, down to the custom handle.

We create fully custom umbrellas on a range of our frame styles from compact auto open to the large wind-proof golf styles. Our frames are made of steel, fiberglass and aluminum according to the style, and once we speak with you about your project we will recommend the best option for your budget.

You can choose from 26 standard colors or opt for cover that can be fully dyed to your specification on request. Achieve special effects with magic print, metalic or reflective coatings, all-over print,...

We offer custom umbrella manufacturing services to create just the unique umbrella you need to fit your brand or promotion !

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Customize your umbrella